type slowly.

some versions of “goodbye”

Posted in words by Lara Crombie on October 13, 2009


i think i know what to say

when you don’t listen to

what i’m saying or when

you don’t hear what’s

really being said and that’s

how i’m going to say it

in the end


i need to tell you something

and it’s going to sound like

doo wop

i’ll snap my fingers when i

do it


some stories begin with an end

like ours lacks appropriate

punctuation when I bend over

and you deliver me from evil


why does it feel like

defeat when i slide

in next to you for a

minute that turns to

twenty in an hour we

measure by short doors

and closed breaths


if knights wore armor

i’d wear lace and carry

flowers, my way of saying

“this won’t hurt”


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