type slowly.

night vision.

Posted in words by Lara Crombie on May 5, 2010

*I don’t know about this one. Let’s just say, out of sight out of mind.

night vision.

Stomach groans at night, on empty.

Listen to a minor note on ice.

These small circles I draw won’t intersect, and that one’s me.

And you’re the middle ground,

where words curl unkempt like displaced hair in need of plucking.

Call me fruitful,

favor slumbers when our ankles touch.

Some thoughts steep in sunrise,

ours fall down from cautious prodding.

Last rights, I say to books, don’t leave me in mid sentence…..

Do behave like basins. Hold courageous rhyme,

Embolden sleep,

Teach dance and

Find a duo.

You frown upward, I’ll be still.


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