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Jeremy Jay (Look at this fucking hipster.)

Posted in Hipsters, reviews by Lara Crombie on June 15, 2010

Jeremy Jay album review at Weheartmusic.

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Painting on books!

Posted in curiosities by Lara Crombie on June 10, 2010

Mike Stilkey @Juxtapoz

Finding a groove.

Posted in words by Lara Crombie on June 6, 2010

a small helping.

Some reason

She’s not shrewd,

smokes in basic form like dieting.

When it gets hot, like one hand

under God, on her knees like

glory be to empty bowels.

Someone is indulging me.

Posted in words by Lara Crombie on June 3, 2010

Avatar Review, an online literary journal I forgot I submitted to, accepted a couple of my poems for publishing. Exciting, huh? It’s no New Yorker, but it’s also no WordPress blog.

The issue goes live this weekend (issue #12). On a scale of one to High on Arrival, I’d rate these poems a three, in terms of “revealing.” Judge for yourself: http://www.avatarreview.net/AV12/