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“Must Hear TV”

Posted in reviews, sad triumphs by Lara Crombie on April 5, 2012

I did a podcast with bossman Vu at Weheartmusic. We talk Brooklyn, sissies, The Voice, and other equally stimulating topics.


Lara (Look at this fucking hipster.)

Posted in Hipsters, reviews, sad triumphs by Lara Crombie on February 10, 2012

I did a podcast with bossman Vu (Weheartmusic). My Minnesota accent was in full glory and I experienced some sort of non-explicit case of Tourette’s, but it was fun.

Part ONE

Part TWO

Part THREE (!)

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Oh my god.

Posted in sad triumphs, words by Lara Crombie on April 5, 2010

I found some limericks I wrote a while back. They are not very good. Unfortunately, only one word rhymes with ‘Nantucket’ (BUCKET. GET YOUR BRAIN A ROOM).

Without further ado…the tamest limericks in existence on the Internet:

I once knew a boy from Des Moines,

Who winked when he slurred “damn, you foine.”

We girls rolled our eyes

So he spun a few lies

But never found peace with his groin.


There was a young woman from Kent

Who worried her life was unspent

So she traveled abroad

And hoped to find God

Or at least a few sins to repent.


Posted in sad triumphs by Lara Crombie on February 10, 2010

You know what’s incredibly fascinating? I accidentally discovered a new writing technique that involves an untouched glass of wine. Folks, I just pour the wine and it sits next to me and provides symbolic inspiration and I DON’T DRINK IT AT ALL (and then I drink it).

Saves on money and liver.


Posted in curiosities, sad triumphs by Lara Crombie on November 13, 2009

I’m attracted to Rick Springfield circa 1981.

PaD – Day 3 addendum

Posted in sad triumphs by Lara Crombie on November 6, 2009

This exercise of (attempting to) write a poem a day (status: fail), has proven more difficult than I predicted (FAIL). On a positive-yet-depressing note, I think I understand why my poems lack cohesive flow – something relating to syllable count.

Challenge for tomorrow:

1. Lyrical

I used to play instrumental jazz in the background when I wrote. Perhaps its high time to revisit this technique.

A Poem a Day

Posted in sad triumphs by Lara Crombie on November 3, 2009

Have you ever agreed to do something laughably ambitious and then later, when the ramifications of your decision finally sink in, you panic and give up before trying? I have. I signed myself up for National Novel Writing month with the comical idea that I would write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Funny, right? It’s like a punchline that precedes the joke. Anyway, I’m comfortable admitting that I’m not a novelist. My literary skills are better suited for short, compact things like poetry and hateful indie rock reviews. Unfortunately I’m unable to completely give up this structured writing challenge (every time I visit my NaNoWriMo profile I see “0 words so far” and it mocks me), so I’ve compromised: a poem a day for 30 days. Completely feasible; easy even. There’s no excuse for failure.

does not think they are weird but others do.

Posted in curiosities, sad triumphs by Lara Crombie on August 20, 2009

Jung Test Results

Introverted (I) 53.33% Extroverted (E) 46.67%
Intuitive (N) 61.54% Sensing (S) 38.46%
Thinking (T) 60.61% Feeling (F) 39.39%
Perceiving (P) 50% Judging (J) 50%

Your type is: INTP

INTP – “Architect”. Greatest precision in thought and language. Can readily discern contradictions and inconsistencies. The world exists primarily to be understood. 3.3% of total population.

loner, more interested in intellectual pursuits than relationships or family, wrestles with the meaninglessness of existence, likes esoteric things, disorganized, messy, likes science fiction, can be lonely, observer, private, can’t describe feelings easily, detached, likes solitude, not revealing, unemotional, rule breaker, avoidant, familiar with the darkside, skeptical, acts without consulting others, does not think they are weird but others do, socially uncomfortable, abrupt, fantasy prone, does not like happy people, appreciates strangeness, frequently loses things, acts without planning, guarded, not punctual, more likely to support marijuana legalization, not prone to compromise, hard to persuade, relies on mind more than on others, calm